Jeff, Blair, Schuyler (11), Zoe (9) and Thayer (6) are off on a great adventure!  Between September 2013 and June 2014 we will be traveling the globe, spending time in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. We hope you enjoy our blog posts and photographs along the way!

2013-09-12 Nunney  21


  1. See you Ina Australia!!!

  2. Oh Dear, you seem to have left without me?! I am very excited to follow along vicariously and let us know if you want to connect with Tamzin and Finn in South Africa – we’ll be there in December

  3. The wax museum looks fun! Honestly, everything look amazing! I hope your having fun!

  4. Great talking with you guys. The blog is inspiring! Nice to meet others who share this crazy dream/reality.
    Cheers to safe travels and Top 10 Parks!

  5. DEMERS! THANK YOU for supporting me all the way from the hinterlands of New Zealand!! I promise to run with pride and cross that finish line and will send you guys pics which you can paste on the wall of which ever far flung destination you are at on 21st of April. Send tons of love and gratitude, so appreciated!! xx GRET

  6. The most beautiful family on the planet. I Luffffff it! Miss you all and am so thankful for your blog, so I can vicariously share in all the fun and adventure. Live, love, laugh and be happy!

  7. Katarina Schwab sent me this link. Your trip looks amazing. I want to do this with our kids in a few years. I’ll need all the tips! I would love to see you this summer.

  8. as someone above talked about advice, you may start a travel company from all of this!!

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