September 6-14: London and Somerset, England

September 14-23: Copenhagen, Denmark

September 23-27: Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 27-October 4: Bergen, Netherlands

October 4-October 14: Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Italy

October 15-October 30: Kenya

October 31-November 21:  South Africa

November 22 – January 4 – Australia

January – March: New Zealand

April: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos

May: China, Japan

June: Japan, Hawaii, HOME


  1. We are all living this experience through you! Couldn’t think of better people to follow. Love, Mem and Pep

  2. Reading your travel blog is a great way to spend a little time with the sights and activities you write about. Your details about people, architecture, food, animals, local customs, and, of course, pictures really make your adventures come alive for us. It’s especially fun to read Schuyler, Zoe, and Thayer’s thoughts about what they see and do at each new location. Great job girls!!! I think you could all become professional writers.

    Portsmouth has been enjoying some warm sunny October weather even as the evening chill in the air reminds us that winter is on its way.Fall foliage will be at peak color soon. Kay Laudenschlager has moved to a retirement community in Dover and Paula has rented the house to Jim and Heidi (last name escapes me at the moment) for a few months while they renovate a house on Richards Ave. Otherwise, Haven Road has changed little except that there are no more tennis games in the street, and none of the usual Demers family activities contributing to the neighborhood fun.

    Best wishes as you continue on your wonderful journey.
    Sue and Kent Hubbard

  3. Demers Family!!

    You guys looks so happy – I can’t imagine a better life experience than that which you are sharing together as a family and then trickling down to your vast circle of friends! Sending much love to you both and the girls!!! Mariela & the boys

  4. Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. What an amazing time for you and Jeffrey, and more importantly for your beautiful girls. I’m rethinking future travel plans based on your blog. Elsa (Di’s college roommate)

  5. What a lovely experience to meet your beautiful family at MalaMala Camp, you helped make my time there so enjoyable. I can hardly wait to follow the rest of your travels via the blog. Safe travels to you all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS in Australia with your family.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAIR!!! And lots of love to all the Demers family! Miss you guys! This is absolutely incredible. You are the best for doing it – what a gift to the girls! Can’t wait to see more! Lots of love from NYC. Xoxo

  7. You guys can get some trampoline air – very impressve. Also, I love this blog and am living vicariously through you. Once my kids sleep through the night, I hope you’ll help me plan my RTW trip. xo, Alyse Clayman

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